Basement Stair Designs 8

Basement Stair Designs

Basement stairs designs come in all styles and sizes from your quite simple utility stairs up to the more elaborate decorative stairs when the basement is expanded for being main issue with the living area. One of the major issues facing the stair builder will be the unpredictable overall stair height have a tendency to occurs with basement stairs. Whether …

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Metal Spiral Stairs 2

Give Your Home a Contemporary Feel With Metal Spiral Stairs

Metal spiral stairs serve as a great way to express the individuality of property holders. Unlike traditional wooden staircases, metal stairs can create a modern and contemporary look. If you need spiral stairs for your upcoming home improvement project, steel is your best choice because it is practical, versatile, and durable. Although different companies already offer services for manufacturing and …

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Designing Metal Stairs for Your Home 16

Designing Metal Stairs for Your Home

Metal stairs are becoming more and more popular not only in commercial or industrial buildings, but in private sector as well. Metal is an ideal material for the spaces where contemporary interior design is realized. Metal stair case can be combined with other materials such as wood, glass or stone. Durability, safety and elegancy are easily achieved by metal. According …

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